New Chipotle Location Files Permit for Remodel With Drive-Thru

In 2019, the chain store that touts healthy and fresh food on an affordable budget needed to innovate to grow in an environment largely moving toward mobile orders and the convenience of drive-through pick-ups.
From a Taiwanese farm to stores in 15 states, Meet Fresh is ready to change it up and move into Mekong Plaza sometime next year.
Evelia Davis and The Diaspora Collective are currently in the process of taking over the restaurant space at Silva House.
The nutritious and affordable meals that Executive Chef Daniel Patino made famous will be available in yet another area of Phoenix.
Batch Cookie Shop is currently laying the foundation for their second location at Rittenhouse and Ellsworth Roads and is expected to open in the early fall of 2023.
The brunch spot is booming with four new locations opening in 2023 and seven in development for 2024

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