By the Bucket Spaghetti House Reaching for Scottsdale

Owner Bret daCosta has almost 30 more locations in the works, as well.
By the Bucket Spaghetti House Reaching for Scottsdale
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By the Bucket, a fast-casual restaurant serving togo spaghetti, is expanding their company even further as they move to 9619 N Hayden Road in the Mountain View Plaza.

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“It’s crazy,” said owner Bret daCosta about the rapid growth of the company when he spoke to What Now Phoenix on Tuesday. “I’ve got something like 26 more stores on the way and that’s not even counting the other states that are trying to get in on this. I opened the first store on June 8, 2018 and now I have people asking me for licenses all the time.”

They’ve also never done any advertising. The company has grown completely by word-of-mouth and return guests.

The idea to serve spaghetti in a bucket started out as a joke. Being a single dad, daCosta said he made his son spaghetti when they used to have no money. When he kept ending up with a bunch of extra that didn’t get eaten, he’d tell his son, “If we sold our leftover spaghetti, we could make buckets of money.”

Even though he had no prior restaurant experience, daCosta played around with the idea for a while and tested the buckets out with water. He put the idea on Facebook to see what people thought, and after receiving tremendous support, decided to try it out.

The quick service restaurant is all takeout and no sit-down. Outside of the spaghetti, they also offer meatball subs, cheesy bread, and cheesecake.

Depending on certain things with building permits, the Scottsdale location hopes to be open within the next eight weeks.

Andrew Stillman

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Lori Brady
Lori Brady
1 year ago

looks very yummy!!!

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