Gelato Cimmino Looking for a Brick-and-Mortar in North Scottsdale

According to The Active Tenant List, the gelateria is looking for another space to call home.

There is an update to this post: Gelato Cimmino Lands Second Shop in Downtown Gilbert

Gelato Cimmino Looking for a Brick-and-Mortar in North Scottsdale
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It’s hardly breaking news that AZ summers can be, um, steamy. But perhaps the news we have to share will provide some relief. According to Jared Cauffield’s The Active Tenant List, the Scottsdale-based gelateria, Gelato Cimmino, is on the lookout for a new brick-and-mortar.

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Gelato Cimmino already scoops ‘authentic Italian Gelato’ in Old Town Scottsdale and has been doing so since 2018. They also serve Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe, and Mesa.

The Active Tenant List suggests Cimmino is looking for a 1,000-1,400 square-foot space in North Scottsdale. Cimmino would ideally like to be located in an area surrounded by restaurants. Who doesn’t want to stop off for a refreshing scoop of gelato post-dinner?

And Gelato Cimmino promises the real deal. Owner Mario Cimmino grew up in Italy’s Torre Del Greco and eventually found his way to Scottsdale. According to the gelateria’s website, “Mario’s dream was to bring the very best gelato from Italy to American families so they too can enjoy the delicious, refreshing treat for generations to come.”

Cimmino’s gelato is actually made in Italy. From there it is flash-frozen and imported to the US in climate controlled containers so that you might enjoy the cold dessert in its best state. And what are the components of the best gelato? According to Cimmino, it’s fine quality milk and fresh all-natural ingredients.

Among Gelato Cimmino’s many creations, including pairings like almond & orange and hazelnut & Nutella, or their stand-alone coffee, coconut, milk cream, and dark chocolate flavors, you can find gluten and dairy free options—a little something for everyone.

Eve Payne

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