Naughty Tacos Wants You to Know About the Secret Menu

From a secret menu to an iOS app, there’s a lot more to Naughty Tacos' plans this year.
Naughty Tacos Wants You to Know About the Secret Menu
Photo: Facebook / Naughty Tacos
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Last month, we let you all know that quesabirria favorite Naughty Tacos is opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant at 4312 W. Cactus Road in Phoenix. You can still expect their opening to happen sometime this summer, but owners Octavio Suarez and David Reyna have followed up to let us know that there’s a lot more going on than we initially thought. 

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After the success of the Naughty Tacos food truck, the two friends had the idea of a “food truck collective” to bring together and showcase local food vendors in one space. The result was Naughty Food Park in Glendale, which will remain in operation even after Naughty Tacos’ brick-and-mortar is open. 

Speaking of the restaurant, Suarez and Reyna will continue to push the envelope when it comes to expanding their “controversial” menu. Living up to its name, Naughty Tacos will serve tongue-in-cheek combos such as “The Fourplay Platter,” which comes with four quesabirria tacos, and the “Two Tacos 1 Cup,” which includes two tacos and one birria ramen. 

They encourage you to “make it nasty,” which is to amp up the deliciousness of your meal with extras that won’t even be listed on the menu. The secret menu and its specials will constantly be changing, and you will only be able to know about it by following them on Instagram at @naughtytacos.

Finally, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but Suarez and Reyna also mentioned that they are working on an iOS app that will enable customers to find local food trucks and get exclusive discounts. Until this and the restaurant are up and running, you can still visit the Naughty Food Park at 8040 N. 43rd Ave. in Glendale. 

They are also about to take to the streets to bring Naughty Tacos to more mouths in the Valley. Check out (without the m) for more information.

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