New Mexico’s Gourmet ‘Paleta Bar’ to Set Up Shop in Chandler

These dip-topped Mexican pops just won’t stop!
New Mexico’s Gourmet ‘Paleta Bar’ to Set Up Shop in Chandler
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A brand-new addition to The Paleta Bar franchise is set to open its doors in Chandler’s Gilbert Submarket by the end of the year.

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“As of now, we have the leasing and everything signed up for Chandler and Mesa and we have another location opening up in Tempe,” says owner Dip Alam. “We’re just waiting on the final permits for Chandler and Mesa, so we’re shooting for an October or November opening for those. Tempe should be ready by the end of August.”

The Paleta Bar has already found its way around numerous homes across New Mexico, and has even managed to squeeze itself into a few places in California, Texas, and Florida. Now, it’s prepared to hop on over to its neighbor state in Arizona and start spreading the love over here.

“We are so blessed. We started with 3 people and we’ve just hussled and we’re so blessed to be where we are right now. Especially with COVID and being able to open in all these new locations, we just feel so fortunate.”

Fans of the Paleta Bar know the drill: First, you start by choosing your paleta, or Mexican-styled popsicle. These are mostly made out of fresh fruit. Next up, choose the flavor you’d like to dip into. Top it off with some of your favorite fruits and treats and you are all set to face the sizzling sun with a smile on your face.

Just make sure you eat it before the sun does.

Andrew Stillman

Andrew Stillman

Andrew J. Stillman is a writer of fantasy stories and freelance content. In his spare time, he makes YouTube Videos and explores the world on his travel blog. Follow him @andrewjstillman on all the things.
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