White Elephant Brewing to Open First Location

The family-owned brewery is hopeful to be open by the end of the year.
White Elephant Brewing to Open First Location
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White Elephant Brewing Company, a family-owned brewery headed out by Joel Quisenberry, is getting ready to open their first brick-and-mortar.

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While some details have yet to be released, a document filed by the brewery suggests it’s planning on going to 1950 W Rose Garden Lane Suite 130 near the Deer Valley airport.

According to the website, the brewery started when Quisenberry was gifted a home brewing kit as a gag gift back in 2015. After a few practice rounds and some trial and error, he found himself enthralled with the process and science of brewing beer.

A few years later, the family decided to come together to bring the brewery to life after they all landed back in Arizona.

The brewery now consists of Joel, Patty, Danielle, Samantha, Rebecca and Mike, who took the gift of time given them during the COVID-19 pandemic to work on the family dream.

As of now, the brewery offers their beers in cans and even has their own store-branded pint glass for sale as their business continues to grow.

While there’s no current official opening date released, the website still states it’s “Coming Soon in 2021.” What Now Phoenix reached out to Quisenberry for more information on Wednesday, but he was unavailable by phone.

Andrew Stillman

Andrew Stillman

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