Proof Bread Hopes to Expand Business with New Locations in Phoenix

An ongoing Mainvest campaign will help build a satellite bakery and warehouse in northern Phoenix.
Proof Bread Hopes to Expand Business with New Locations in Phoenix
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Proof Bread is seeking to open two new locations. Known for their Old World artisan breads and pastries, the business has expanded beyond their garage bakery roots, having gained popularity in Valley-area farmers markets and establishing a brick-and-mortar bakery in downtown Mesa in 2020. 

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Now, owners Jonathan Przbul and Amanda Abou-Eid seek to maximize Proof Bread’s reach and potential with the goal of opening a satellite bakery and two retail locations in Phoenix. This next chapter will allow Proof Bread to better reach their existing customer base on a regular basis, in addition to weekly farmer’s markets and their current location in Mesa. 

What Now Phoenix has obtained real estate intel revealing that Proof Bread’s satellite bakery and retail space will be at 10654 N. 32nd St. off SR-51. Located in the Paradise Hills Shopping Center, “The satellite bakery coupled with a warehouse will allow us to reach the next major milestone in our supply chain management with ingredient deliveries shifting to full truck loads and saving our business over $200,000 annually in ingredient costs,” they note on their Mainvest campaign

“The warehouse will also be home to our old commercial scale garage equipment and a new stone mill affording us one more leg of vertical integration and significant productivity jumps.” Through Mainvest, Proof Bread hopes to raise capital for these new developments, which in turn would allow investors locally and all over the world to share in the ensuing revenue.

In addition to the north Phoenix barkery and warehouse, they will also open a mirco-retail unit  in downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row at a new multi-use residential development. Both projects are currently under construction, with the intention of using the warehouse space as soon as possible this fall. The retail spaces are scheduled to open by early 2023 at the latest. 

For more information about Proof Bread, visit

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Judie gretel
17 days ago

When and where is this opening? Looks like great bread.

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